Saturday, April 4, 2009

Virtual Book Tour

I recently received a very interesting email. It was sent to me by Dr. Margaret W. Jones, a psychologist and author, who has just written and published a book entitled “Not of My Making: Bullying, Scapegoating and Misconduct in Churches.”

Margaret was arranging a virtual book tour and wanted to include my blog Forgetting the Former Things as one of her stops. A virtual book tour as she described it is “when an author visits websites, blogs and forums, instead of bookstores, cafes and universities that a real brick-and-mortar book tour would include. During each stop of the virtual book tour, an author ‘visits’ a different website, blog or forum. At each stop the author may: be interviewed, post an original article or essay (guest post), have their book reviewed, answer questions from the blog’s readers or any combination of the above.”

Thinking this might be a good experience as well as another way of promoting awareness of spiritual abuse, I agreed. As it turned out, Forgetting the Former Things will be the first stop on Margaret’s tour and her visit will occur on Monday, April 13. I’m excited about this so mark your calendars and join us there on that date. She has agreed to write a guest post and will be available for comments and questions.

She has sent me a copy of her book which I'm now in the process of reading. She has a raw style of writing that is keeping me captivated. She’s very open and honest as to what she experienced as well as her emotional reactions. The book describes her experience of sexual abuse as a child and the spiritual abuse she received while a member of a religious organization. Attempting to present a fair picture of the events of spiritual abuse, she had asked those involved in the abuse to share from their perspective. They all refused.

I haven’t spoken to her yet but I hope to in a day or so but I believe what she experienced is more common than we care to admit. I’ve seen the gossiping, the scapegoating, the shunning and the betrayal she describes while I was involved in an abusive church. My experiences were not as heart wrenching as hers but I know these things happen.

I hope to write more about her book after I’ve finished reading it. If you would like to know more about Margaret and her book, check out her website at

I hope you’ll stop by Forgetting the Former Things on April 13 and hear her share her story in her own words. Feel free to post any comments or questions you may have for her.

I’m looking forward to her visit. Maybe we can all grow in understanding how devastating this type of abuse is to the victims and to their families.

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