Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let's begin our journey

In 2008, I began to have a desire to share the message of God’s grace, so in January of that year, I started my first blog, Forgetting the Former Things. Over time, I also began adding posts and resources directed at helping those who had been victimized by spiritual abuse. As that emphasis began to grow, it became obvious that my blog was becoming known as a resource for those seeking information about spiritual abuse. However, I also felt that those needed resources were getting lost among all of my other posts so in 2009, I decided to set up a blog totally devoted to spiritual abuse and that is how Setting the Captives Free was born.

This blog has been under construction since March of 2009 with very little activity but now I just sense that the time is right to begin developing it. I will also continue to add posts regarding spiritual abuse to Forgetting the Former Things but for those who prefer to not wade through the other material, the same information will be posted here.

My hope is that those who are confused and hurting because of their involvement in a spiritually abusive group will find hope and encouragement here. There is healing and restoration so let’s together begin your journey to freedom.

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