Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Dark Underbelly of Religious Leadership

This The God Journey podcast clearly describes the dynamics that occur in spiritually abusive religious groups.  I want to post a link here because, although there is a dark side to Filip's experiences, I believe his journey will encourages others to see that there is freedom at end of the dark tunnel of spiritual abuse.

This podcast may not be for everyone. While in Holland recently Wayne met Filip van den Eynde, a young man who had just spent 17 years serving in an charismatic, apostolic setting and was able to see behind the scenes as those who claimed to be “men of God” systematically manipulated and abused hungry hearts to expand their ministry, feed their own insecurities, and line their own pockets. Wayne spoke with him via Skype after he returned to the States for this conversation. While this is not as much fun as talking about the joys of a growing relationship with the Father’s love, it is helpful for people to know that those insights they have about everything not being as it appears, might be God’s prodding to find freedom from those who use the guise of “Christian leadership” as a means to manipulate those Jesus loves.

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