Thursday, July 12, 2012

Out of Deception

I just finished reading “Out of Deception” by Nathan Miller.  This is the true story of a young Amish boy who along with his family becomes involved with a cult.  Over time, he begins to question the behavior and the teachings of the cultic leader and eventually leaves.  

Spiritual abuse is a major problem in the church and this book does a good job of describing the struggles and heartbreaks of those involved in abusive religious groups and their struggles to break free once they begin to see through the deception.  The following is the description given of the book.

“The unbelievable but true story of how Wil, a young, innocent Amish teen and his family, were unwittingly lured into the clutches of a smooth-talking cult leader.
Wil’s family was searching for something deeper, and what seemed at first like fresh water for a thirsty heart soon turned bitterly poisonous.
By the grace of God, Wil’s devotion to his leader, who was an excommunicated Amsihman, slowly turned to doubt. Finally, sick and tired of being manipulated, controlled, molested, and deceived, Wil made his break and escaped his leader’s grasp. Or so he thought.
This is a disturbing story of Satan’s deceptions and a beautiful story of the power of God’s grace and deliverance.”

For more information, go here.  

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