Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Help for Pastors Who Have Been Spiritually Abused

Darin Hufford's latest podcast, "Healing From Spiritual Abuse," is well worth listening to.  Darin and his co-host, Aimee Dassele, share their own experiences with spiritual abuse and I'm sure many of you will be able to relate to their stories. 

Darin was a pastor when the abuse took place so it's been difficult for him to admit that he'd been a victim of spiritual abuse and, for many years, he wouldn't even admit it to himself.  Now, because he's begun to experience nightmares related to his time in that abusive environment, he's finally come to recognize the extent of the abuse that he received.

I believe that abuse of pastors is a more common problem than we recognize so, as a result, they do not always receive the help and encouragement that they need.  So many of them remain wounded as well as being filled with guilt and shame because they believe that those things just weren't supposed to happen to pastors.  At one time, I was very negative regarding pastors but, now because of my friendship with Darin, I've come to understand how abusive the current religious system can become for pastors.  Their difficulty is also compounded by the fact that the church is the source of their livelihood and many have not been trained to do anything else.  So, if they leave, what else do they do?  For them, it becomes a trap that they can't easily escape.

My heart goes out to pastors and church leaders who have been victims of abuse so, if there are any pastors who have found my blog, I want to encourage you.  I want you to know that God understands your hurt.  He knows that you were victimized by a system that cared nothing for you but He still loves you and He cares.  There is help and I hope you'll begin to reach out for the help that is available.

To listen to Healing from Spiritual Abuse," go here


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Aida said...

Mariam, thank you for your concern. Due to the nature of your comment, I debated with myself as to whether or not I would allow it to remain up but I’ve decided to allow my readers to decide for themselves. I’m glad you were helped but I do want my readers to know that I do not endorse nor agree with tarot card readings nor would I recommend that they have a reading done.

Perhaps you'd care to share with us what were the issues that caused you to resort to such extreme measures.